Russia Launches Fresh Wave Of Missile Attacks On Ukraine


Washington sees no signs that Moscow is interested in talks about ending the war in Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

“There is always value in diplomacy when the parties involved, and in this case Russia, are really interested in meaningful diplomacy. And what we have seen, at least recently, is the exact opposite,” Blinken told CBS News on Dec. 4. that Putin had changed tactics after setbacks on the battlefield.

Live Briefing: Russian Invasion of Ukraine

RFE/RLs Live briefing gives you all the latest developments on the ongoing invasion of Russia, the Kiev counter-offensive, Western military aid, global response and the plight of civilians. Click for all RFE/RL coverage of the war here.

“He has not been able to win on the battlefield, so he takes, he directs his anger and his fire at Ukrainian civilians, goes after the energy infrastructure, tries to turn off the lights, turn off the heating, turn off the electricity. That’s what happens.

“So, unless and until Putin demonstrates that he is genuinely interested in meaningful diplomacy, it probably won’t go anywhere,” Blinken said. Face the nation.

In recent weeks, Russia’s military focus has been on attacking Ukrainian infrastructure across the country, launching an offensive in the Donetsk region of Bakhmut and shelling sites in the city of Kherson, which Ukrainian troops liberated last month after eight months of Russian occupation.

On Dec. 1, President Joe Biden indicated his willingness to talk to Putin if the Russian leader showed that he was serious about ending the invasion.

“I am willing to talk to Mr. Putin if indeed he has an interest in deciding that he is looking for a way to end the war,” Biden said. “He hasn’t done that yet.”

The chief of US intelligence said fighting in the Russian war in Ukraine is progressing at a “reduced pace” and suggested Ukraine’s armed forces could have better prospects in the coming months.

Avril Haines alluded to earlier allegations by some that Putin’s advisers could shield him from bad news – for Russia – about war developments, saying he is “becoming more aware of the challenges facing the military in Russia”.

“But it’s still not clear to us if at this stage he has a full picture of how challenging they are,” Haines, the U.S. director of national intelligence, said on Dec. 3.

The British Ministry of Defense pointed to new signals from an independent Russian media outlet in its latest intelligence report dated December 4 that public support in Russia for the military campaign was “significantly waning”.

Meduza said it obtained a recent confidential poll from the Federal Protection Service, which is responsible for guarding the Kremlin and providing security for top officials.

The survey, commissioned by the Kremlin, found that 55 percent of respondents supported peace talks with Ukraine, while 25 percent wanted the war to continue. The report did not mention the margin of error.

With reporting by AP and Reuters

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