Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 273 of the invasion | Ukraine


  • The Group of Seven countries will soon announce the price cap on Russian oil exports and the coalition will likely adjust the level a few times a year rather than monthly, a senior U.S. Treasury Department official said Tuesday. The G7, including the United States, along with the EU and Australia will introduce the price cap on Russian oil exports by sea on December 5, as part of the sanctions designed to punish Moscow for invading Ukraine.

  • Ukrainians who need basic services if Russia shuts down power plants and other services this winter can turn to special “invincibility centers.” That is what President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Tuesday. Thousands of centers across the country offer free electricity, heat, water, internet, mobile phone connections and a pharmacy 24 hours a day. “If massive Russian attacks happen again and it is clear that power will not be restored for hours, the ‘invincibility centers’ will be in action with all major services,” Zelenskiy said.

  • Ukrainians are likely to live with blackouts until the end of March, said the head of a major energy supplier as the government began free evacuations for people in Kherson to other regions.

  • Kiev will summon the Hungarian ambassador to protest Prime Minister Viktor Orbán going to a football match wearing a scarf depicting Ukrainian territory as part of HungaryThe Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said this on Tuesday. Ukrainian media showed footage of Orbán meeting a Hungarian footballer wearing a scarf, which outlet Ukrainska Pravda said depicted a map of “Greater Hungary”, including the area that is now part of the bordering states of Austria, Slovakia, Romania , Croatia, Serbia and Ukraine.

  • Russia’s Gazprom has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine as early as next week. In a statement, the state-owned Russian energy giant said some gas streams held in Ukraine were actually intended for Moldova, accusing Kiev of obstructing the supply of 52.52 million cubic meters to Moldova.

  • In Crimea, Russian air defenses were activated and two drone attacks were repelled on Tuesday, including one targeting a power station near Sevastopol, the regional governor said. Sevastopol is the home port of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Russian-installed governor Mikhail Razvozhaev called for calm and said no damage had been done.

  • The Polish president spoke to a false caller posing as France’s Emmanuel Macron the night a missile hit a village near the Ukrainian border, his office has admitted. “Emmanuel, trust me, I’m extra careful,” Duda tells the caller in a recording of the conversation posted to the Internet. “I don’t want a war with Russia and believe me I’m extra careful, extra careful.”

  • Additional Reuters and Associated Press reporting

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