Samsung Internet 19.0 beta finally brings Chrome bookmark syncing


Last updated: August 23, 2022 at 13:24 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s own mobile internet browser is getting a new beta update, and it’s a pretty big one! With the beta version of Samsung Internet 19.0, the company finally addresses one of the main weaknesses of the browser and adds new options for syncing Google Chrome (PC) bookmarks. In addition, the latest beta version improves private browsing and improves smart anti-tracking and phishing detection tools.

One of the reasons many PC users don’t use Samsung Internet more often on their Galaxy phones and tablets is that the mobile browser makes it extremely difficult to sync Google Chrome bookmarks cross-platform. With the beta version of Samsung Internet 19.0, users can now access and sync Chrome bookmarks on their phones and Samsung Internet bookmarks on their Chrome PC browser with relative ease via the Samsung Internet Chrome extension.

Samsung Internet add-ons now work in secret mode

Here’s another much-needed change introduced by Samsung Internet 19.0 beta: add-ons can now work in secret mode. Before version 19.0, add-ons were disabled in secret mode, which meant that Internet users had to choose between privacy in secret mode and a more personalized experience. Now users can have both.

Furthermore, Samsung Internet 19.0 beta extends some of the Smart Anti-Tracking improvements that version 18.0 beta introduced. According to Samsung, “trackers are becoming more sophisticated at avoiding detection and collecting personal information without the awareness or consent of the person being tracked.”

Fortunately, Samsung Internet 19.0 beta can now detect domains that conspire with classified trackers, providing enhanced privacy and protection. In addition, the new Internet beta improves detection of phishing similar to phishing to prevent users from navigating to fraudulent websites designed to impersonate legitimate websites.

Introducing Enhanced Privacy and Anti-Phishing

Samsung Internet 19.0 beta also adds a new Privacy Info feature in the form of a Lock icon in the address bar. Users can tap this icon to quickly check the security of the connection to the websites they visit, see the number of blocked trackers, check for cookies, and get instant access to location, camera, and microphone permissions.

And last but not least, Samsung Internet ad blockers now come with a chart that helps users visualize how many ads were blocked on a daily and weekly basis.

The new beta version is now available through the Play Store and Galaxy Store. Samsung expects the Internet 19.0 beta testing period to end in time for a public release in Q4 2022. We’ll keep you posted.

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