Samsung’s new flagship SSDs are even more overkill for your PS5


Samsung has announced a new version of its flagship PCIe SSD, the 990 Pro. Not only does the PCIe 4.0 M.2 storage device come even closer to being as fast as it could theoretically be, but there’s also the option of getting it with a heatsink that comes complete with RGB lighting (although, if you upgrade that version to a PlayStation 5, for which additional SSDs require a heat sink, those lights will likely be lost behind a layer of textured plastic).

The 990 Pro’s big selling point over its predecessor is that it’s even faster: in sequential reads and writes, it can handle up to 7,450 MB/s and 6,900 MB/s respectively, and it can handle 1,400K arbitrary input/output operations. reach for reading. per second (or IOPS). That’s compared to the 980 Pro’s maximums of 7,000 MB/s for sequential reads, 5,000 MB/s for sequential writes, and 1,000K random read IOPS. While these speeds aren’t completely unheard of, they’re certainly not the norm – even high-end models from WD and Sabrent don’t really come close when it comes to write speeds.

Impressive as it is, the performance jump isn’t close to what we saw from the 970 Pro to the 980 Pro when Samsung upgraded from PCIe 3.0 to 4.0. But considering how close Samsung was to hitting the theoretical 8,000MB/sec limit of a PCIe 4.0 SSD with the 980’s read speeds, it’s impressive that it’s gotten even closer. It’s also probably a bit of an exaggeration for all but the most advanced PC and console games; per Sony, an add-on SSD for the PS5 only needs to handle 5000MB/s of sequential reads.

Samsung didn’t answer right away The edgeasked how it could squeeze even more speed out of its SSDs without upgrading to a newer version of PCIe, but the press release does mention that the 990 Pro has a “redesigned controller” that does the job of actually reading and writing bits from and to the NAND flash chips. To me, that seems like the most likely suspect; the company says it’s 50 percent more power efficient than the 980’s controller, and beyond that, the two generations of SSD are relatively similar when it comes to DRAM and the actual storage chips they use.

As for what this all means in the real world – well I’m sure there are some applications where the extra performance of the 990 makes all the difference. However, if you want to shorten seconds of your computer’s boot time or improve game loading speed, I don’t think it will offer a noticeable difference over the 980. The upside to that is if you see some great sales on the older model, you can pick it up without worrying that it is an inferior product. That’s even true if you want to upgrade the somewhat finicky PS5; Samsung sells a version of the 980 with the necessary heatsink.

For those who want the very latest performance from the latest and greatest — or that sweet RGB heatsink — the 990 Pro will go on sale in October, retailing at $179 for the 1TB model and $309 for the 2TB version. . (For those counting, that’s $20 and $30 more than the MSRP of the comparable 980 Pro models. Inflation is indeed hitting tech.) Samsung says a 4TB model will arrive next year.

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