Sci-Fi Action RPG Cygnus Enterprises Takes Players to a Vibrant Future


Ever wondered what you’d get if you mixed a top-down version of Destiny 2 with Diablo, sprinkled on some SimCity, a little Tropico 6, and then topped it off with a dash of Fallout Shelter? If so, you’re not alone. Team Miaozi, a diverse group of PC gaming industry veterans from 15 different countries, is made up of key members of teams responsible for games such as Total War: Three Kingdoms, Age of Wonders 3, the Far Cry series, Halo Wars 2, Sea of ​​Thieves, and more. Founded in 2019, Team Miaozi has spent the past three years developing the upcoming game Cygnus Enterprises. This single-player sci-fi game combines action RPG elements with small-scale city management, all set in a distant future with striking visuals and vibrant colors, creating a world ripe for exploration.

The story

In Cygnus Enterprises, you play as a troubleshoot contractor tasked with reviving an abandoned outpost on the remote planet of Mytilus. Humanity’s once-great aspirations for space exploration had all but vanished, until Cygnus Enterprises found a way to create a faster-than-light ship that would allow access to Earth-sized planets throughout the galaxy. Once enlisted, you will be put in charge of an outpost on an alien planet and will be given the responsibility of constructing buildings, harvesting, crafting and selling materials, and directing other employees of Cygnus Enterprises. But it’s not just about building cities and managing resources. You must also battle aliens, find hidden treasures and explore alien structures to find the resources needed to prosper your outpost.

Early Access has a minimum of 12 hours of playable content to complete the main story, consisting of 18 incredibly detailed storyline missions. And since the game is designed as a sandbox ARPG, players can continue their exploration, character development, and complete various missions after the main story is over. Team Miaozi also promised that the game will be expanded with “significant free content patches in the months following early access.” A unique element of Cygnus Enterprises is the conscious focus on choosing a more positive and uplifting atmosphere, as opposed to a dark, dystopian future. The game is expected to have an E for Everyone 10+ rating at launch.


The game has a mix of top-down shooting action, base building, workforce management, and crafting, balanced to keep things fresh and engaging. Exploring exotic alien locations and defeating enemies, building a busy trading post, managing employee morale to ensure the prosperity of your outpost, and increasing your power by looting, researching and make better gear, they are all part of your journey in Cygnus Enterprises.

Players will need to craft weapons, armor, food, and construction materials to improve their base by harvesting and processing resources from around the planet. All weapons, outfits and equipment have unique designs that are clear and visible to the player character.

Team Miaozi and publisher NetEase Games can’t wait for gamers to see what they’ve been up to for the past three years. Cygnus Enterprises will be available on pc (steam) through early access on December 16 of this year.

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