Social Security needs attention — Bob Hunt


Monday’s opinion page of the State Journal featured two dueling opinions on establishing funding for Social Security.

They wanted to raise the upper limit of income for social security payments. The opposing view said other ways can address the problem, but didn’t really do anything, citing problems with raising the income cap.

What is Social Security? Is it a right for everyone to receive, regardless of income, or is it an insurance policy that pays as needed? It would be better if an insurance policy that everyone pays for but receives no benefit unless qualified by income.

This was proposed years ago in Congress as “means testing”. People with higher “means” (income) would not be eligible for benefits. They would still have the insurance policy they paid for if their income fell, but most of the benefits would go to those with fewer “resources”. This makes sense and needs to be brought up again.

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Social Security should have been given more emphasis in the recent campaign for the US Senate. US Senator Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, is a critic of Social Security. Mandela Barnes did not raise this issue nearly enough. If a large bloc of voters with a high turnout is older, why was it ignored?

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