Some records from Trump officials still missing, National Archives says


The National Archives has told the House Oversight Committee that it has not yet recovered all of the records of Trump administration officials that should have been transferred under the Presidential Records Act.

The archives will consult with the Department of Justice “about whether or not to initiate action to recover unlawfully deleted documents” under the Federal Records Act, acting archivist Debra Steidel Wall said in a letter sent to the commission Friday. was sent. chairman, Carolyn B. Maloney (DN.Y.).

Steidel Wall added that the archives have been unable to obtain federal data related to “unofficial electronic messaging accounts that have not been copied or forwarded to their official electronic messaging accounts.” By law, presidential advisers must forward such messages to their official accounts, she noted.

“While there’s no easy way to establish absolute accountability, we know we don’t have everything in custody,” Steidel Wall wrote, according to the letter to The Washington Post.

Trump and Mar-a-Lago Documents: A Timeline

Steidel Wall cited the ongoing lawsuit filed by the Justice Department on behalf of the National Archives against former Trump adviser Peter Navarro for failing to transmit private emails related to official White House affairs during his tenure in the administration. Trump.

Under the Presidential Records Act, direct employees of the President, the Vice President, and anyone who advises the President must retain records and telephone conversations related to official duties.

Although the latest letter referred to Trump officials, the spotlight on former President Donald Trump and the documents he kept after leaving the White House has increased since a court-approved FBI search by the Mar-a-Lago Club on August the 8th.

The FBI recovered more than 300 classified documents from Mar-a-Lago this year: 184 in a set of 15 boxes sent to the National Archives and Records Administration in January; 38 more handed over by a Trump lawyer to investigators in June; and over 100 additional documents found in the Aug. 8 search.

In September, Maloney had asked the archives to assess whether Trump turned in any presidential data or classified material. In her latest letter, Steidel Wall postponed the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation.

Maloney said she found the latest revelation disturbing.

“The National Archives has confirmed to the Oversight Committee that they still have not received all of the presidential data from the Trump White House,” Maloney said in a statement. “Presidential records belong to the American people, and it is outrageous that these records are not mentioned 20 months after former President Trump left office.”

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