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Eyes are finally opening to abortion

Mary Sanchez’s editorial “Every Voice in America Now on Abortion” (August 23, TribLIVE) gave me reason to celebrate. It will be time!

Before Roe v. Wade was recently quashed and the issue of abortion legality returned to the states, the silence in the media on the subject was astonishing.

When I attended the March for Life in 1981, President Reagan sent a message to the crowd confirming his commitment to protecting the unborn. It was a welcome message from a sitting president. An estimated 100,000 people attended. The March for Life story in the local paper was a short piece on an inside page with a photo of protesters from the area with a priest in the foreground. The prescribed narrative was clear: abortion was a “Catholic issue.” Even now, Sanchez considers abortion a matter of “pro-choice” versus “religious right.”

My reason for celebrating comes from the knowledge that by bringing abortion into the light of the debate, this horrific practice will be seen for what it is. When the violence of abortion is seen for both the mother and the unborn child, advocating abortion as a “sacred right” will be just as hollow as defending the “right” to own slaves was in the South. It’s hard to take a stand when your eyes are finally open.

Trish Lindsay

Buffalo Township


Abortion is a private matter

I’m going to gag when I read another anti-abortion letter, written by a man, of course. To say that it is up to the female to prevent her unwanted pregnancy is a true chauvinistic statement. Men need help with erectile dysfunction and Viagra to increase their sexual desire. Still, many want women to defend themselves against a determined man.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-choice or pro-life, the government denies a woman the right to make a medical decision about her own health and her own body. These politicians pretend there is an “MD” next to their name. Who are they to decide what is best for the woman? It’s a matter between her doctor and herself.

No one knows the woman’s situation. She may be in an abusive relationship with an uncontrollable man. She may already have too many children and cannot afford another child. Often a man refuses to take responsibility for raising and maintaining a child. There are many things that are not said. But I’m sure God wouldn’t want an unwanted baby born and then tortured or killed by an abusive partner.

Marlene Butler

hemp field


Free lunches that cost us way too much

“E finita la cuccagna!” (no more free lunch), a quote attributable to former New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia should not be known to letter writer Dianna J. Rumbaugh (“We Need Wolf’s Stimulus Checks,” Aug. 20, TribLIVE) , which is calling for another $2,000 from the state printing office.

Are you financially better off today than you were in April 2020 when that first $1,400 incentive check was deposited into your bank account?

Since $4.5 trillion in stimulus money has been pumped into the economy since 2020, inflation is now at a 40-year high at 8.5%. President Biden said inflation is transitory and nothing to worry about. The US gross federal debt-to-GDP ratio reached 137.20% in 2021, meaning the US is not producing enough goods and services to meet its debt obligations.

Inflation will cost Americans an additional $5,200 this year. You may have received $3,200 in incentive money since 2020, but since free lunches really aren’t free, the math says you’re out $2,000 with no wage growth.

The Democrats just passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which will cost another $1.87 trillion, and $54 billion was sent by proxy to the war in Ukraine. More hundreds of billions of $1.75 trillion will be considered to cancel student loans.

What does that ‘free’ stimulus money look like now? Soon we’ll be eating “free” wish sandwiches – two slices of bread and you’ll wish you had some meat in between.

David A. Scandrol

Lower Burrell


Mastriano should appeal to all of us, not just his ‘target audience’

Letter writer Peter Busowski (“Media Biased Against Republican Candidates,” Aug. 26, TribLIVE) says Senator Doug Mastriano doesn’t talk to the media because the media is biased. He says alternatives exist that “give conservatives unfiltered access to audiences.” Aren’t all voters a candidate’s “target audience”? We non-conservatives vote too, and the more Mastriano avoids the press, the more we doubt his commitment to us, who make up at least half of the electorate.

If Mastriano really believed what he’s saying, I’d think he’d welcome the chance to present his case to all of us, not just his “target audience.” Speak to all Pennsylvanians, Mr. Mastriano. Convince us that you have the courage of your beliefs and that you can articulate those beliefs convincingly. Show us that you have the wisdom and courage to be the governor of all Pennsylvanians, not just your target audience. Don’t expect us to vote for you just because Donald Trump says so.

Mary Beth Walling

North Huntingdon


Voters deserve debate

It has come to my attention that there may be no debates by the Pennsylvania Governor and US Senate candidates. If that is indeed the case, that is unacceptable. This is not a high school popularity contest. It’s a job interview and these candidates will make decisions that affect our lives. We have every right, as taxpayers and voters, to see these people face to face debating crucial issues. How do they act and articulate when they have to defend their perspectives? Twenty-two second ads won’t cut it.

Why are certain candidates not up for discussion? Are we taken for granted?

Cheryl Boise



When will our leaders tackle the drug crisis at the border?

It’s great that the drug companies are paying $26 billion for a national settlement due to the opioid epidemic, but I don’t think this money will do anything to fight addiction. When are we going to tackle the real cause of this epidemic?

I’m sure these addicts aren’t getting these drugs from their doctors. Nearly 2,000 pounds of fentanyl was seized by US customs and border guards in July alone. Will there be a federal lawsuit against the drug cartels? Last year there were more than 108,000 overdose deaths.

When will the murderous cartels be stopped? When will our government tackle the border crisis? Until then, our children and grandchildren will continue to be victims of the policies of President Biden and Vice President Harris and the resulting damage. People should open their eyes and mouth! Will our children pay the price for our government’s stupidity?

Sandy Hahn



Jesus was not American

Oh, Mary Ann Klingensmith (“We Must Return to ‘One Nation Under God’,” Aug 16, TribLIVE). You still seem to hold onto the idea that God, or Jesus, or someone, has chosen the United States to represent your vision of a God and a country united forever against… the Democrats?

I’m sorry, but there are a large number of people in every province in this United States who do not share your great delusion of “God and country”. Do people like you really believe that if you pray often and hard enough it entitles you to be called some sort of superpatriot? Really! Jesus was not American.

Remember: church and state, separated – an idea put forward by those guys who wrote… you know, the constitution.

Al Kaufman


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