Stimulus direct payment update sees new $1,400 relief check sent to thousands of Americans – find out if you’ll get one


A STIMULUS Instant Payments update has been released that will send a new $1,400 check to thousands of Americans, and now you can see if you’re getting one.

More than 2,500 residents of the state of Iowa now receive a one-time $1,400 incentive check for immediate payment, according to the Johnson County government.


More than 2,500 Iowa residents should now receive $1,400 incentive checksCredit: Getty

Iowa residents will receive immediate payment of a $3.4 million pot through the Direct Assistance Program, designed with the idea of ​​empowering low-income workers.

Funding was divided three ways: $2 million from Johnson County, $1.35 million from Iowa City, and $27,000 from Coralville.

However, according to Iowa City Press-Citizen, more than 300 applicants were originally left out because only $2.68 million was used because government officials claimed some workers were excluded because they lived outside the borders of Iowa City.

Now that has changed with the August 25 announcement from Johnson County, seemingly including the 300 or so applicants who were left out of the program.

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“Johnson County has worked with Iowa City to amend the terms of the original agreement between the two entities to ensure that all eligible applicants receive funding,” the Johnson County Board of Supervisors said.

In total, approximately 2,557 people will receive the $1,400 incentive check, based on the statement from the Board of Trustees.

“Through the amended agreement, Johnson County funded 1,747 residents who applied and qualified for the Direct Assistance Program. Through respective investments, Coralville funded 19 residents and Iowa City funded 791 residents,” they said.

For those who will now receive payment because of the agreement amendment, you won’t have to jump through hoops to get it, according to Johnson County officials.

“Immediate assistance programs are paid out to the eligible applicants who have not been previously selected at the address provided during the application process,” they explained.

However, almost all of the same original requirements to be considered still apply, such as the income threshold for a single household that remains at $45,370 or lower.

Other states in America continue to do the same in their own way to help cash-strapped citizens.

Minnesota will return $500 checks to its frontline workers sometime in September, as previously reported by The US Sun.

The money provided is part of a $500 million health care package that rewards those who worked at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, many are likely to be left unhappy as officials expected only about 667,000 employees to apply, but many more applied for the aid.

Also in New Jersey, there is an opportunity for health care providers to sign up for a stimulus check worth about $1,000.

Residents need to act quickly, however, as applications for the Camden County emergency program open on Aug. 23, and payments will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Illinois residents will also receive a tax credit worth up to $300 as of Sept. 12.

Either way, it is imperative to keep up to date with the stimulus checks available in your country as it can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of extra cash.

Hundreds to thousands of dollars in direct incentive payments are being distributed among several states in the US


Hundreds to thousands of dollars in direct incentive payments are being distributed among several states in the USCredit: Getty

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