Stimulus Payments 2022: Who will receive this $487 check this week?


minnesota will ship soon direct payments of $487 to eligible frontline workers for their contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

According to the U.S state, the first payments will be rolled out on Wednesday, October 5.

Full details of Alaska’s historically high direct paymentsMC

Who Qualifies for Minnesota’s “Hero’s Wage”? How much is it?

Despite Minnesota estimates that their budget will be distributed among 667,000 employees, a whopping 1,025,655 citizens are now eligible for the “hero reward.”

This means that each person would receive $487 instead of $750which was the first estimate given that in April the state agreed to spend $500 million on this aid scheme.

“The numbers are amazing”, first responder Gene Sparks told The Star Tribune.

“It just goes to show how many people have worked to keep our state running and safe during this pandemic.

“While others stayed at home, these Minnesotans kept showing up to make sure we and our families were safe, fed and protected.”

Who will get the payment of $487?

According to The Star Tribune, the $487 checks will be sent to workers in sectors such as health care, long-term care, courts, education and food supply.

If you have chosen the direct deposit option, you will receive your check within seven to ten business days.

As for those who chose to get a prepaid debit card, they will receive the check in the mail within three to four weeks.

“These workers deserve our thanks and I am grateful to be part of the program that honors them,” said the temporary commissioner of the Ministry of Labor and Industry. Nicole Blissenbach.

She also explained that the eligible citizens will receive an email by Wednesday to know whether their application has been approved or not.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller released a statement to express its gratitude to frontline workers.

“I applaud our frontline workers who took great risks during the pandemic,” Miller said.

“They deserve our appreciation and respect for all they’ve done and continue to do to keep us safe.

While a million Minnesotans are currently getting a small thank you for their work during the pandemic, Senate Republicans will continue to fight for permanent tax cuts so every working Minnesotan will see a ‘bonus payment’ on every paycheck — week after week, month. after month, year after year.”

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