Surprise One-Time $1,650 Checks Being Sent out in Pennsylvania


Some Pennsylvania residents who are elderly or disabled qualify for another one-time discount, according to the governor’s office.

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf announced that residents who have already received a property tax or rental rebate will receive an additional rebate of 70 percent of their original rebate — or up to $1,657.50, according to a statement from his office late last week.

“I’m proud that this week, bonus discounts are starting to roll out to Pennsylvanians in need,” Wolf said. “I proposed these bonus discounts in February to help low-income Pennsylvania residents deal with inflation and increased costs. Especially for older adults — many of whom have steady incomes — a real estate tax bonus/rent discount program will be a game changer this year. These bonus discounts will help older adults and Pennsylvania residents with disabilities stay at home.”

The rebate is part of a law Wolf signed last month that distributed more financial aid to people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The money will be distributed through the Democrat-backed US bailout plan signed by President Joe Biden last year.

About 361,042 Pennsylvanians will receive bonus discounts, Wolf’s office said. Those people don’t need to take any additional action to get it, the statement said.

“Instead, they will automatically receive their one-time bonus discounts through the same method (direct deposit or paper check) that they used to receive their original discounts earlier this year,” it said.

Besides Pennsylvania, several other states have given discounts or one-time payments because of COVID-19. They include New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Connection, among others.


Wolf, meanwhile, called on the state legislature to pass a law that would hand out $2,000 stimulus checks to offset inflation, though some critics say such a move would exacerbate price pressures. His government made a similar proposal in February, although it was not adopted.

“I want to give the people of Pennsylvania the step they need to survive inflation and higher prices. So $2,000 for each family, for families making $80,000 dollars or less. We estimate that about 250,000 families will apply for this,” the governor said last week, claiming Pennsylvania “has the ability to do this.”

But Christina Herrin, of the nonprofit Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), has said the proposed inflation-linked stimulus is a “useless attempt to fight inflation.”

“A one-time payment for ‘inflation relief’ is very different from tax rebates that many states provide to all taxpayers based on income. They’re feel-good patches that make everything more expensive and keep inflation going longer than it would otherwise,” Herrin said.

Naveen Athrappully contributed to this report.


Jack Phillips is a breaking news reporter at The Epoch Times in New York.

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