Surprise Stimulus Check From Pennsylvania Hitting Bank Accounts Now


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Some Pennsylvania residents could soon receive a one-time surprise incentive check from the state. This one-time surprise incentive check from Pennsylvania will appear in the bank accounts of eligible residents in the coming days. Eligible residents can get a one-time payment of up to $1,657.50.

Pennsylvania Surprise Incentive Check: Who Gets It?

Last week, Governor Tom Wolf announced that residents who received property taxes or rent rebates in 2021 would receive another payment. This payment will be equal to 70% of the original discount they received last year. More than 360,000 residents could qualify for this one-time surprise incentive check from Pennsylvania, according to the Department of Revenue.

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“If you’ve already received your PTRR check for this year, don’t be surprised if your bonus payment reaches your bank account or your mailbox,” Gov said. Wolf in a press release. “I proposed these one-time bonus discounts in February and I’m so happy the checks are rolling out to Pennsylvanians in the Commonwealth.”

Those who opted for direct deposit on their 2021 property tax or rental discount application forms will receive payment through the same method over the next few days, but those who opted for a paper check will have to be patient. According to the state tax authorities, it can take several weeks for all checks to be sent.

This one-time Pennsylvania stimulus check is part of the governor’s bill that he signed in early August. The law aims to provide financial support to groups most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. gov. Wolf will use the money the state got from the US bailout plan to send this one-time bonus discount.

How to apply for the one-time bonus discount?

This one-time Pennsylvania surprise incentive check is automatically sent to residents who have applied (and been approved) for the PTRR (Property Tax/Rental Rebate) program. Those who have not yet applied for the PTRR program can still do so. They can use the state’s online filing system at to submit their application before the December 31, 2022 submission deadline.

“We remind eligible Pennsylvanians that there is still time to apply for rebates on property taxes and rent paid in 2021,” Treasury Secretary Dan Hassell said. “We will work as quickly as possible to ensure that applications are processed and that claimants receive the money they are entitled to, including the one-time bonus discount that the governor has made possible.”

Applicants whose rebate request is pending will likely receive the rebate and the new one-time bonus together in a combined check.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue also sends a letter to the recipients informing them that they will receive a one-time bonus discount. This letter contains the breakdown of the original discount amount and the amount of the one-time bonus discount that the resident will receive.

For more information about the program, applicants can visit the Property Tax/Rental Discount Program page.

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