‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 — ‘Evie/Joe’


As soon as the first of the Stories of the Walking Dead was told in Sunday’s “Evie/Joe”, a single question loomed large: Has the anthology series premiere — the third spin-off of the AMC drama running its 11 seasons this fall — got you excited to return for a second story… and a third…? Before you answer in the comments section, let’s take a look at the plot a tag team of Terry Crews and Olivia Munn created, shall we?

When the episode started, we met Joe (Crews), a lovable survivalist who was doing just fine in his bunker a year after the end of the world. That is, he was until his beloved Doberman was killed by walkers. Suddenly lonely, Joe decided to hop on his souped-up motorcycle and go on a road trip in hopes of meeting a fellow doomsday prepper with whom he had flirtatiously corresponded online prior to the apocalypse.

Long before Joe could reach his destination, he fell prey to booby traps from Evie (Munn), a hippie type eager to make tracks of his own to find out if there was still a chance she and her estranged husband Steven could try. Since Joe’s bike was equipped with a kill switch, Evie was forced to make him her involuntary driver, handcuffs and all.

As you might expect, Joe’s initial animosity towards Evie waned over time. Yes, she irritated him immensely. But she also regretted getting into his business by reading his journal against his will, and she kindly threw a blanket over him while they slept in the woods. Finally, after fending off a group of hikers together, they became less enemies than friends. (He even let her drive for a change!)

During a pit stop, Joe invited Evie to read his journal for clues to the exact whereabouts of his mysterious wife’s home. Since Evie’s husband was supposedly nearby, she knew the area. Unfortunately, when she got a “By George, I got it!” Joe left the bike unattended just long enough for it to be stolen by a man who had left a lamb in its place.

Furious, Joe lashed out at Evie, even going so far as to declare himself Team Steve. In turn, she called Joe all the way out. “You were so busy surviving the end of the world,” she screamed, “yours never started!”

tales of the walking dead recap season 1 episode 1 evie joeHarsh words were exchanged, Joe said goodbye to Evie and finally made his way to his mysterious wife’s house. “The apocalypse has done you good,” he said as he met Sandra face to face. However, it had done no wonders for her mental health. Faster than you could say, “Oh, st,” she had him bake on a pot of brownie, painted her face like Baby Jane Hudson and, sure he wanted to steal her bunker, she started threatening him with a butcher knife. .

After Evie got the closure she needed from Steven—she didn’t find him but a painting that indicated he hadn’t hated her after all—she and the lamb headed for Sandra’s. Again, the crazy woman served a spiked brownie, but being a connoisseur, Evie was not included. So when Sandra drove around full of Fatal Attraction with a knife, Evie was able to defend herself and free a tied up Joe just in time to throw a gun into his future girlfriend’s chest.

tales-of-the-walking-dead-recap-season-1-episode-1-evie-joeThe next morning, Joe expressed his thanks to Evie for coming back for him—and his regrets. She had been right. He had wasted his life. “So start now,” she challenged him. “There’s someone standing right in front of you.” And there were more. And as if that wasn’t a happy enough ending, the lamb Skipper did not go the way of Tabitha the Goat in the end The living Dead.

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