Teen, woman in custody in PnB Rock’s slaying; father sought


A teenage boy and a woman are incarcerated for the murder of rapper PnB Rock, who was shot two weeks ago at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in South LA, Los Angles police confirmed to The Times on Wednesday. Authorities are looking for a third suspect, identified as the boy’s father, whom they describe as armed and dangerous.

LAPD Capt. Kelly Muniz said a federal task force arrested two people on Tuesday for Rock’s murder. A minor was arrested on suspicion of murder in Lawndale, and Shauntel Trone, 38, was arrested on suspicion of complicity in murder, Muniz said. A third suspect, Freddie Lee Trone, 40, remains at large, she said.

A law enforcement source told The Times that the murder suspect is Freddie Trone’s 17-year-old son.

Shauntel Trone was arrested in Gardena and placed in 77th Street jail shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday, arrest records show. She was arrested four days after the deadly shooting of the rapper on suspicion of a felony by the Culver City Police Department, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s booking records.

The photo of Freddie Trone was released Wednesday by investigators in an effort to track down and arrest him. Authorities believe Trone was involved in the rapper’s murder, which took place during a violent robbery at Manchester Avenue eatery on Sept. 12.

In the attack on Roscoe’s, a gunman demanded jewelry and other valuables before fighting PnB and opening fire, LAPD chief Michel Moore said.

Moore said the shooting happened shortly after the rapper was tagged online as being at the restaurant, and police are investigating whether that prompted the attack. Police say such crimes related to social media are rare. But Moore said he is concerned about the proliferation of guns on the streets used by robbers targeting victims for high-value jewelry.

Law enforcement sources not authorized to discuss the investigation said that, based on evidence collected so far, Trone and his son were in Roscoe’s parking lot before social media posts regarding Rock’s presence there were published online.

Rock, 30, whose real name was Rakim Allen, had been at the restaurant with his girlfriend, who had posted a photo with a location tag in a since-deleted Instagram post. The shooting sparked a renewed discussion about the dangers of real-time use of social media by celebrities posting about their locations and luxury possessions.

The murder sparked grief and outrage from fans and community activists alike, who say violence in a popular eatery is unacceptable.

“I want to see the community heal. There needs to be a more comprehensive strategy to make it clear that taking material items like an expensive watch isn’t worth more than a life,” said Skipp Townsend, a longtime gang operative in Los Angeles.

He pointed out that the shooter could have killed so many people in the luncheon crowd.

“This happened while he was dining, and it’s really tragic,” Townsend said. “Arrests don’t stop the violence. Arrests do not bring closure to families. We need to develop a long-term strategy that prevents anyone from considering such acts.”

At the time of Rock’s murder, Trone was on probation after being convicted in February 2021 of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Trone was given a three-year suspended sentence, 43 days of community service and two days in prison. He was originally arrested on August 12, 2020, with a firearm in public along with ammunition.

In August last year, he was charged with violating his probation, but was eventually allowed to go free, court records show. Records show he was charged with three felonies, but prosecutors agreed to publicly drop illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition in exchange for the criminal in possession of a firearm.

At the time of his arrest in 2020, Trone was on three years’ probation for a July 2017 incident in which he was convicted of driving a car with willful disregard for public safety. Prosecutors at the time dismissed the drunk driving charge as part of a plea.

In August 2013, he was convicted of assault with possible grievous bodily harm and given a four-year prison term for the 2012 assault, court records show.

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