Tencent And Sony Acquire 30% Of Elden Ring Maker FromSoftware


The Adjudicator boss in Demon's Souls waves his tongue at a silhouette figure.

Image: From Software

Elden Ring wasn’t just a hit with fans of FromSoftware’s notoriously difficult action RPGs. Today Tencent Holdings and Sony announced that they will acquire 30% of the soulsseries developer shares, split in favor of Tencent. FromSoftware is expected to receive $260 million from the deal.

Today announcement of FromSoft’s parent company Kadokawa revealed that Sony and Tencent are acquiring 14.09% and 16.25% of FromSoft, respectively. The statement indicates that Kadokawa wants FromSoftware to expand its development efforts; Kadokawa sees the “improvement of the possibilities for creating, developing and deploying” [FromSoft] game IP as one of the [Kadokawa] The highest priorities of the group.”

One of its goals is to give FromSoft the resources it needs to: to grow Elden Ring in a franchise that goes beyond just video games.

Elden Ring was a long time coming, built on a foundation first laid in FromSoftware’s groundbreaking 2009 PS3 game Demon Souls. A set of three spiritual sequels in the form of the dark souls trilogy, as well as two other similar titles (Bloodborne and sekiro), has certainly broadened the audience for these tough and cryptic action RPGs. But none have reached such critical mass as Elden Ringwhich sold-out famous names Like it Duty and led to viral stream sensations and hype That only will not die.

Tencent, a Shanghai-based conglomerate, continues its trend of investments and acquisitions. It owns 5% from Assassin’s Creed and Far cry publisher Ubisoft, completed an acquisition from League of Legendsdeveloper Riot Games, owns 40% of Epic Gamesand has interests in a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot other game companies. As polygon notesit also owns 5% of Activision Blizzard, which will pass to Microsoft as that megacorp remarkable effort the acquisition of Duty publisher clear legal screening.

Sony has also spent a lot of money, although it looks a bit more modest compared to Tencent. Perhaps most strikingly, Sony acquired the once-Microsoft-affiliated Bungie for $3.6 billion in January. The house of PlayStation too made a move to acquire Bluepoint, the studio that made a name for itself with critically acclaimed remakes. Sony too a billion dollars invested in Epic Games back in April.

Anyway, maybe FromSoft can use the new money to add easy mode so I can finally finish the damn things.

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