The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On November 17, 2022


Sometimes we talk out of turn, or too fast, or put our feet in our mouths; When we are inspired to speak up, as we will be during Mercury in Sagittarius, we run the risk of saying the wrong thing, and in this case possibly the “worst.”

What makes this day “rough” is the idea that today we are so excited, and yes, so positive and optimistic, that the words that pass our lips are sporadic and impulsive.

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During Mercury in Sagittarius, we mean really, really well, but we also often lack the discretion to know exactly what’s right to say and what’s wrong.

These days, certain people can affect in different ways, as the main ‘appearance’ is to help with expressions of love and kindness.

Sounds like a win win situation because we’re all so excited for good times and positive energy and then there’s a few of us here today who don’t know what to do with this buzz of hope and we can end up cross our borders.

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