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TikTok has rolled out a new in-app text-to-image AI generator that allows users to type a prompt and receive an image to use as a background in their videos. The effect is called “AI greenscreen” and can be accessed from the camera screen of the short video app. The new effect was first noticed by The Verge.

The launch of the new filter comes as text-to-image AI generators are becoming more and more popular, especially with the launch of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2. It’s worth noting that the images TikTok’s AI generator produces are quite basic compared to the output of notable text-to-image models, including DALL-E 2 and Google’s Imagen. TikTok’s model produces abstract images, while DALL-E 2 and Imagen can create photo-realistic images.

TikTok's Text-to-Image AI Generator

Image Credits: Screenshot/TechCrunch

It’s possible that TikTok has deliberately restricted its model to ensure that the content it creates complies with the app’s Community Guidelines, including those around nudity and violent imagery. If TikTok’s model were as complex and photo-realistic as DALL-E 2 or Imagen, it would certainly be used by some users to create disturbing content. TikTok may have opted for an abstract model to avoid such problems.

TikTok has a number of suggestions that appear when you select the effect, including “Snorkeling in a Purple Ocean,” “Hidden Village in the Mountains,” and “Rainbow Volcano Erupting.” These prompts visualize TikTok’s focus on abstract images for its text-to-image AI generator. You can play with your own clues to get similar abstract images.

TikTok's Text-to-Image AI Generator

Image Credits: Screenshot/TechCrunch

However, if your prompt includes nudity or violent wording, you’ll find that the model will display abstract images with appropriate colors and themes, but nothing clear enough to warrant censorship due to the app’s community guidelines.

As of now, the filter will be used for a few TikTok trends, including one where you enter your name into the generator to see what your “aesthetic” looks like. Another trend is for users to enter their birthday into the generator. And of course, some users try in vain to see if the generator will mimic specific body parts.

Given that the new filter puts a text-to-image AI generator in the hands of millions of users, it’s not exactly surprising that it has limitations. The company seems to be positioning it as a fun way to create wallpapers for your TikToks, as it can be a useful tool for creators. Since DALL-E 2 and Imagen are not yet widely available, TikTok’s new effect offers an alternative for users looking for a bit of fun with text-to-image AI generators.

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