Two migrant buses arrived in New York City, with several more expected in the next few days



As New York continues to struggle with a growing influx of asylum seekers, two buses of migrants arrived in the city on Sunday, with at least 10 to 15 more buses expected in the coming days, according to an email from Mayor Eric Adam’s office. by CNN.

The email sent to New York City Council members and staff on Sunday warned that the city’s reception system is already full as an increase in the number of migrants is expected in the coming days.

The increase is expected as a Trump-era public health border policy known as Title 42 expires Wednesday. Title 42, invoked at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, allowed officials to reject migrants found at the southern border.

“Please note that due to the lifting of Title 42 later this week, the city expects an increased number of buses for asylum seekers as of today, with 2 buses expected today and 10-15 more expected in the coming days,” the email reads. is reading.

Fabien Levy, Adams’ press secretary, confirmed buses arrived in the city on Sunday, but declined to say how many migrants were on board or what specifically was expected this week. He did say, “We’ve been told it will increase this week.”

A district court struck down Title 42 last month and a federal appeals court on Friday rejected a bid by several Republican-led states to keep it in place.

New York should expect more than 1,000 additional asylum seekers each week, the mayor said Sunday.

Since the spring, thousands of asylum seekers have been bussed into the city from the southern border, often at the direction of officials — including Texas Governor Greg Abbott — who have been critical of federal border policy.

More than 31,000 migrants passed through the city’s shelter as of Dec. 14, and at least 21,400 are currently in the city’s homeless shelters or four hotels that function as emergency humanitarian centers. The city has also opened 60 emergency shelters.

New York has been dealing with the rush of asylum seekers for months, and the increase since the last budget approval has led to a “historic rise” in the number of people living in city shelters, according to the city’s annual State of the City’s . Economy and Finance report, released Thursday.

In October, Adams declared a state of emergency for what he called a “man-made humanitarian crisis.”

Adams has urged state and federal officials to help pay for the costs the city faces as more migrants arrive. The city has already spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars, he said.

New York hopes to receive $3 billion from the federal government through 2026 to deal with the migrant influx, according to the auditor’s report.

The report adds that the federal government has not confirmed it will support New York with the annual $1 billion, but the money is needed for services to support arriving migrants and those already in shelters in need of permanent housing.

Denver, Colorado, is also struggling to accommodate a growing number of migrants arriving.

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock declared a state of emergency on Thursday in response to the influx of migrants arriving from the southern border.

“With hundreds of new migrants now in Denver and several hundred arriving in the past few days alone, the city’s efforts to accommodate them are under severe strain due to space and staff constraints,” it said. the mayor’s office in a written statement.

On Sunday, 90 migrants arrived in Denver overnight, according to data released by the city and county of Denver.

Denver city services have assisted about 984 migrants since Dec. 9, the data shows, with 358 people housed in emergency migrant shelters in the city and another 157 people in partner emergency shelters.

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