Tyre Nichols updates: Mourners honour ‘beautiful person’ at Memphis funeral as family urges Congress to act


‘We mourn with you’: Kamala Harris gives impassioned speech at Tire Nichols’ funeral

A funeral is underway in Memphis for Tire Nichols more than three weeks after the 29-year-old black man was fatally beaten by a group of police officers on Jan. 7. He died in hospital three days later.

Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the congregation at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, where Rev. Al Sharpton also delivered the eulogy and prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump delivered a “call to action” following Nichols’ death and the police killings of black Americans.

Rev Sharpton condemned the actions of the black officers charged with Nichols’ murder, arguing that the sacrifices of civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. paved the way for their public service.

“People had to march and go to jail and some people lost their lives opening the doors for you. How dare you pretend that sacrifice was for nothing? he said.

City officials have released the previous disciplinary files of the five officers now charged with murder, revealing that four of them had previous charges against them.


Full story: Kamala Harris speaks at Tire Nichols’ funeral in Memphis, calling on Congress to pass police reform legislation

Vice President Kamala Harris urged Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a bipartisan police reform bill passed by the House of Representatives in 2021 but stalled in a deadlocked Senate with Republican opposition.

The bill, named in honor of the black man killed by Minneapolis police officers in 2020, was co-authored by then-Senator Harris.

“Let the memory of Tire shine a light on the path to peace and justice,” Ms Harris said in her brief remarks.

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 09:00


‘We mourn with you’: Kamala Harris gives an impassioned speech at Tire Nichols’ funeral

Vice President Kamala Harris had been invited by his mother and stepfather to attend Tire Nichols’ funeral, and Rev. Al Sharpton invited her to address the congregation that had gathered in Memphis on Wednesday.

She told his parents that “the people of our country mourn with you” and praised them for their “strength, courage and grace”.

‘We mourn with you’: Kamala Harris gives impassioned speech at Tire Nichols’ funeral

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 8:00 AM


‘Blood on their hands’: Tire Nichols’ mother warns lawmakers against blocking George Floyd’s bill

Tire Nichols’ funeral in Memphis on Wednesday saw renewed calls for passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, federal legislation that passed the House of Representatives in 2021 but has otherwise stalled in Congress.

Tire Nichol’s mother says ‘blood on the hands’ of those who don’t pass George Floyd’s bill

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 07:00


‘The police don’t always tell the whole truth’

“The police are partisan actors, just like all those in power,” writes The independent‘s Josh Marcus, reflecting on his coverage of policing and criminal justice. “It’s vital to take their claims with a grain of salt.”

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 05:00


‘Elite’ police units in the spotlight after brutal murder by Scorpion agents

The Memphis Police Department’s now-disbanded SCORPION unit – which stands for “Street Crimes Operation to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhoods” – was introduced in October 2021. It was disbanded in the wake of Tire Nichols’ death.

The independent‘s Graeme Massie investigates several similarly controversial units in US departments that have been accused of abuse and excessive force.

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 03:00


Marjorie Taylor Greene compares the beating of Tire Nichols to the shooting of Capitol rioter Ashli ​​Babbitt

Far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene invoked the fatal shooting of Capitol rioter Ashli ​​Babbitt after mentioning Tire Nichols, who was fatally beaten by police.

She then suggested that people imprisoned for their role in the uprising face “violations of civil rights” in prison.

Ms Greene went on to say that Congress was doing nothing to address the treatment of other participants in the attack, many of whom are still detained ahead of their respective trials.

There’s a simple reason for this: Ms. Babbitt was part of a mob actively trying to break through a door barricaded in a restricted area. She was shot by an officer when she tried to climb through a window that her fellow rioters had broken. Federal prosecutors closed the case and the officer was cleared of wrongdoing.

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 02:00


First Memphis Police Report Falsely Claims Tire Nichols ‘Fought’ Officers

A leaked incident report into the arrest and fatal assault of Tire Nichols by Memphis police officers contains glaring inaccuracies that were later exposed after the release of bodycam and surveillance footage.

The report, written two hours after Nichols’ January 7 beating, claimed the 29-year-old was “furious” and refused lawful detention, tried to fight with officers and also tried to take an officer’s gun, during an initial traffic stop.

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 01:00


ICYMI: Four of five officers charged with Tire Nichols murder had previous complaints, data shows

Four of the five former Memphis Police Department officers charged with fatally beating Tire Nichols had been suspended or reprimanded in previous incidents while working for the department, according to recently revealed personnel files.

The officers had little or no repercussions, according to the city records of their cases, and they were commended on at least two occasions, with other officers describing their actions as one-time events.

Alex WoodwardFebruary 2, 2023 00:00


Watch: Daughter of Rodney King reacts to video from Tire Nichols

‘They flee because they fear for their lives’: Daughter of Rodney King responds to video from Tire Nichols

Alex WoodwardFebruary 1, 2023 11:45 PM


‘I’m just trying to go home’

LaToya Yizar, who says her mother was Tire Nichols’ godmother, read a poem at his funeral recalling the words he told officers the night he was beaten.

From the lectern at Mississippi Boulevard Baptist Church in Memphis, she read “I’m Just Trying to Go Home”.

In his eulogy, Rev. Al Sharpton said that “home is not just a place.”

“Home is where you relax. Home is where you don’t have to keep your dukes up. Home is where you are not vulnerable,” he said. “Home is where everything is fine.”

Alex WoodwardFebruary 1, 2023 10:41 PM

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