Upgrade to a 2TB Google One storage subscription and get a ‘free’ Nest Hub


Google is running its Nest Hub promotion again, and if you missed out on grabbing a “free” smart display last time, now’s your chance to atone for your sins. Just kidding, smart screens aren’t for everyone, and I get that, but ever since my son accidentally broke mine, I’ve tried to no avail to make my Lenovo Chromebook duet take its place for smart home controls and other media. Unfortunately, having to lock it down defeats the purpose, so I’ve got a new Hub on the way!

Today I noticed that the company is promoting its Google One 2TB subscription upgrade hand-in-hand with the Nest Hub’s smart display as a sort of “gift” for your decision to upgrade. I said before that it came “free of charge”, but it’s in quotes for a reason. The condition is that you already spend $99 USD today to become a One member with a ton of storage, but in reality that device is $99 USD itself off the shelf.

If you look at it that way, you’re technically paying out of pocket for the hardware and getting free storage for a year. Smart psychology, I know. If you’re upgrading from a 200GB storage tier like me, you’re already paying $36 USD per year, so the difference between that and the Hub means you’re paying about $63 USD for it instead of the full $99. I know this is a funny way of looking at it, but I tend to think in those terms, not the marketing tricks companies use on your wallet.

I don’t even know what to do with 2TB of cloud storage as I still haven’t filled with what I’ve had for years, but there’s no cancellation fee or contract with Google One so you could upgrade to buy the device , enjoy larger storage limits and then downgrade for the rest of the year so that you don’t unnecessarily pay a hundred dollars a year instead of a third of that.

No doubt some people will forget to downgrade (mark it on the calendar!), but Google is counting on people to do this or just enjoy the extra space and realize they really need it after all. Some people just haven’t even tried Google One, so it’s a nice perk to entice those who have only used free Google accounts so far with no strings attached.

You can check out the offer if you want and upgrade if you feel called to it. If you do this, you’ll receive an email about your ‘free’ Nest Hub shortly after so that you can claim it through the Google Store via a promo code that will deduct 100% of the cost, as the company will cover the shipping costs too.

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