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PRESS RELEASE: Transition bikes

Last year we introduced the latest and greatest Patrol, now with 160mm of travel and mixed wheels, made for partying on the trails. The new carbon frame is designed to enhance fun at all levels, from sideways on your favorite jump course to pedaling your legs in the mountains.

The frame is made of carbon from front to back, which gives it a sleek look and reduces the overall weight. It has geo-adjustable chips, size-specific chainstay lengths, the option to run with 170mm of travel and all the other features found on the current alloy model.

New and notable features:

– Frame weight is 7.4 pounds, 2.8 pounds lighter than the alloy
-Fully guided seatpost and derailleur housing

Patrol features:

-160mm of travel front and rear
-Mixed wheel configuration with 29 front and 27.5 rear
– External rear brake cable routing
-Specific chainstay lengths
-Geometry adjust chip at lower shock absorber
-Compatible with double crown fork
-Lifetime Warranty and Crash Replacement Program

Watch our video “On Patrol” with Torsenn Brown to see what it’s all about!
For this video, we wanted to showcase the ultimate dream riding we associate with the Patrol. Fast, loose and all-out turns hit every part of the course. This suited one of our most under-the-radar riders on our team, Torsenn Brown.
Torsenn may not be a name you’ve heard before, but that’s because he prefers to let his riding do the talking. Not one to brag about himself on social media or on the trail, Torsenn has graced podiums on the American downhill racing scene in recent seasons. Off the DH circuit, Torsenn’s background in skiing has given him incredible air consciousness, rounding out his skills in a way only a few riders have.
The Patrol is all about having fun on the trail. The mixed wheel setup gives the confidence to push hard and go fast, while remaining incredibly agile and changing direction quickly. This track, rider and bike are a great combination!
When he’s not doing laps on the local trails and training for downhill racing, he’s practicing the smooth flips and rotations seen in this video.
“If I don’t crash at least a few times, I’ll feel bad” – Torsenn

It would have been easy to leave out all the crashes, but we wanted to show how much work and effort Torsenn has put into this video. Over the course of 3 early mornings we ticked off every section starting with the high speed open loam and jumps before finishing on the big doubles. Not only did he push hard for this video, but he did it with a smile, never complaining when asked for a new shot, instead seeing it as another chance to ride his bike. It was that love of driving and firing that kept the entire crew motivated to capture the essence of the Patrol.

Rider: Torsenn Bruin ( @torsenn )
Photos: Oliver Parish
Video: Skye Schilllhammer

Expect to see frames on the website or your local bike shop this fall, with complete bikes soon after!


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