Warriors’ Anthony Lamb named in sexual assault lawsuit


SAN FRANCISCO — Golden State Warriors two-way forward Anthony Lamb has been named in a lawsuit filed Tuesday against the University of Vermont alleging the university violated Title IX by mishandling procedures for reporting sexual harassment and violence on campus.

Lamb is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, which was brought by Kendall Ware, who is a plaintiff in the civil suit. Two other women joined the lawsuit, but their cases are isolated and do not involve any Division I student-athletes (one was a club athlete). Ware, who was a swimmer at UVM, has previously spoken about the alleged incident.

The university, its board of trustees, and several officials from the Title IX office and athletic department are defendants in the filing.

“Anthony is not a defendant in this recent lawsuit and, to our knowledge, has never been charged with any wrongdoing in any lawsuit,” the Warriors said in a statement. “Prior to signing Anthony in September, we did our due diligence with the NBA and its past teams, as we do with all players. If any new information comes to light, we will be sure to evaluate and act accordingly.”

Ware, who was in a six-month relationship with Lamb according to the lawsuit, alleges that Lamb raped her in the fall of 2019. There is no evidence that Ware reported the alleged incident to the police and Lamb was never charged with any criminal charges.

The lawsuit alleges that the athletic department contacted Ware but “dissuaded Ware from conducting a formal investigation” and that university officials failed to properly investigate her claims. This resulted in Lamb staying on the men’s basketball team and keeping him from”[facing] any meaningful consequences for his actions.”

Ware stated that she was misled by the various options the school presented for research and that Lamb eventually signed a “solution agreement” to an informal process that required Lamb not to contact Ware and to waive a limited number of activities and locations. “The resolution agreement then closed the investigation of Lamb ‘without making any determination as to whether he violated UVM policies,'” the lawsuit states. University Title IX investigations typically conclude with a finding of whether or not the accused student was responsible for the act of sexual assault.

“The allegations leveled against me in 2019 and recently resurfaced are patently false,” Lamb said in a statement Thursday. “I have always cooperated fully with the alleged incident and have welcomed any investigation into the matter. Simply put, I have never committed sexual assault.”

“We are sorry to hear about the individual situations each of these plaintiffs have been told and we want all survivors to know that they are heard, supported and respected,” the University of Vermont said in a statement. “We stand behind our strong procedures and protocols, and the support provided by the dedicated individuals who carry out this work with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and care. While an independent review last year found that UVM met all benchmarks or exceeded response to sexual misconduct, we have made numerous changes to our protocols Meeting Title IX requirements is a given, but we strive to provide more to UVM students as part of our unwavering commitment to a safe and healthy campus.”

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