Westworld’s Season 4 Finale Was Bleak, Brutal, and Beautiful


Dolores stares at Westworld in her blue prairie dress.

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As it should beit came down to Dolores and the Man in Black.

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Forget Caleb’s rescue. To forget Maeve’s death. To forget Bernard’s nine million roadmap. Forget humanity, forget the hosts, forget everything. It all doesn’t matter now. west world wiped out the ancient world more thoroughly and efficiently than the Man in Black, Host or otherwise, could have ever dreamed. Damn, the show is almost over yourself, considering that by the time the credits begin, nearly the entire cast has been killed: Maeve and Bernard are still dead, Stubbs is ignominiously murdered by Clementine, who is knocked out by Franky; Caleb refuses to leave with his daughter because his host body is rapidly deteriorating, and the resurrected Hale puts the Man in Black down for good, then destroys her own pearl.

“Que Sera, Sera” is bleak. It’s gloomy, brutal and maybe even a little perverted. west world someone else could have given a happy ending other than Franky reuniting with her friend and sailing away. It would have been nice if Stubbs had died a hero’s death, or if Caleb had been able to spend a little more time with his daughter. But everything and everyone had to go for it west world to make his point.

The episode starts off with just incessant killing of both humans and hosts to the point that it’s almost comical. The Man in Black – and I think we should drop the William at this point – says he’s made one last game that anyone can play, which is “last man standing.” But he doesn’t want anyone to stop. He wants to burn down the real world, and burn down the fake world – the sublime – with it.

After Drone Hosts revives Hale (with a few improvements), she discovers that the message Bernard was listening to was not for herself, but for herself. hair. When he said that humans and Hosts would both go extinct, he wasn’t lying, but he wasn’t lying either when he said there was a chance a small part of the world could be saved. But first, it’s Hale’s decision: whether to upload Christina/Dolores’ Pearl core, which also contains the data of all the people in town (or at least the stories she wrote for them), to the Sublime to care for them. those people and the Hosts who are already inside have a new chance at life. It’s a life in a data drive, but still.

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I don’t think it matters much why Hale-Dolores decides to save the Sublime. Maybe it’s to thwart the Man in Black. Maybe she felt guilty for destroying the real world. Maybe Bernard’s message got to her, or maybe she just hoped that something was better than nothing, whatever form it took. So she and the Man in Black race to the Hoover Dam where Bernard had opened the Sublime, Hale finds the weapon Bernard carefully placed there in the previous episode, finally kills the Man in Black and crushes his Pearl, then uploads Christina-Dolores and all its data in the sublime. And then Hale commits suicide.

The physical world is over. All humans and hosts are dead, or will soon die. If you still doubted Bernard (which is reasonable), Christina couldn’t make it clearer: “Gas lords and humans were given the gift of intelligent life and we used it to usher in our own destruction. Some may escape death for a few months, maybe even a few years, but eventually their species will die out. … Sensitive life on Earth has ended.” Life as we know it is over.

As we knows it, but not as Christina – not as Dolores – knows. “Feeling life on earth has ended. But some of it may still be preserved… in another world. My world. There is time for one last game. A dangerous game, with the highest stakes: survive or die. This game ends where it started, in a world like a maze. That tests who we are. That reveals what we’re going to become. One last loop around the bend. Maybe we’ll set ourselves free this time.”

And Dolores, all the way back, story maker, thwarts the Man in Black. She creates a new world there in the Sublime, for the Hosts in it and maybe even the data of the people she has internalized – a new world. but a famous one. western world.

The final is so final I had to check to see if west world would get a fifth season. To my surprise, the show hasn’t been renewed yet, but Ed Harris has made comments that suggest the show isn’t over yet. But “Que Sera, Sera” sums up everything the show has done over the years so perfectly that I honestly want the show is over.

It’s the perfect ending – beings evolved beyond bodies, beyond reality, beyond humanity and hosts. Another chance to see if those who remain can finally transcend or succumb to their flaws. I don’t need to see how that turns out. I want to wonder, doubt and hope. Maybe they’ll release themselves this time.

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Various musings:

  • Another reason this would make a great series finale: there are only two main characters currently alive, and then only technically: Dolores, now presumably the god of Westworld, and Teddy, who is somewhere in the sublime.
  • I can’t believe Man in Black called that boy a camper. He was all a camper, but I’d rather not have William know 21stcentury gamer slang.
  • Presumably the town of Hale was New York, and the Hoover Dam is in Nevada. I’m very curious how Hale took a future copter and the Man in Black took a truck and horse and still beat her there.

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