What’s your favorite solution for the iPhone 14’s notch?


We’re only a week away from the iPhone 14 announcement and the rumors are more intense than ever. From the beginning, we’ve heard that Apple wants to replace the current notch at the top of the screen with something else. With all this in mind, we want to know what is your favorite solution for the possible replacement of the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro?

With iPhone X, Apple had to come up with a solution to put the front camera and Face ID sensors on the front of the phone as it no longer had huge bezels. For example, the company ‘invented’ the notch, a recess at the top of the screen where all these sensors, plus a microphone and speaker, are placed.

The notch has certainly become the identity of a new era of iPhone after years of devices with a Home button. Behind the scenes, though, Apple has been thinking about ways to reduce or eliminate the notch. Last year, the company moved the top speaker from the iPhone 13 to make the notch smaller, but it’s still there.

A notch replacement for iPhone 14 Pro

Moving on to the rumors of the iPhone 14, early reports suggested that this year’s Pro models would have a punch-hole camera on the front, which has become quite popular among Android smartphones. However, Face ID has multiple sensors and hiding them under the display would be a difficult task. That’s how rumors are starting to point to a pill-shaped cutout.

Then renders and leaked parts showed that the notch replacement would actually be a very different solution: Instead of a single pill-shaped cutout, the iPhone 14 Pro would have a combination of that cutout for the Face ID sensors plus the hole punch camera. That was the case until this morning, when a new rumor changed everything.

This new report claims that Apple will make the two separate cutouts on the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen appear as a single cutout. The information was later confirmed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and 9to5Macs independent sources. A software trick makes the entire area of ​​the recess look like “one wide pill-shaped recess”.

More than that, Apple plans to move the privacy icons that indicate when the camera and microphone are in the cropped area as if they were real LEDs. The new cutout would also allow the company to change the layout of some system apps to take advantage of that area more.

Poll: What is your favorite solution for the possible replacement of the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro?

It’s worth noting that the rumors are pretty clear that only iPhone 14 Pro models will get the new screen design. Regular iPhone 14 models are expected to keep the same notch as the iPhone 13.

What are your thoughts on this?

We will find out the answer to all this in less than a week. Until then, what’s your favorite solution for iPhone notch replacement? Tell us in the poll and comments below.

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