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It’s eviction eviction time on Big Brother 24 with the season’s first double eviction night of the season! This is a classic night that always delivers disappointments mixed with high intensity, but check those expectations as this one could turn out a little differently.

Usually we have all the HGs crammed together with a quick, rushed sequence of the week’s events, after the first vote, but instead it’s just two votes and then we go to week 8 of BB24. Not bad, but it won’t be the usual energy you’re probably used to on these nights.

Don’t miss this week’s eviction episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s Paramount+ Premium subscription in most US markets, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun even if you’re out tonight. Grab the free trial and watch the show then watch the feeds that follow.

The Veto Meeting on Wednesday night’s episode got us two pairs of final noms: BroChella had Jasmine & Monte while Dyre Fest offered Joseph & Kyle. Time to confirm what we expect to happen for both of them and give Indy some company over there at the Jury House. Speaking of which, let’s see if we catch our first glimpse of her arrival or if they’re saving that for next week.

Julie quickly takes us to BroChella’s eviction, as Dyre Fest and Joseph’s fate against Kyle is clearly the more exciting thread tonight.

Results Big Brother 24 – BroChella Week 7 Votes:

  • Taylor votes for eviction: Jasmine
  • Brittany votes for expulsion: Jasmine

In a vote of 2-0, Jasmine has been evicted of the Big Brother house. She becomes judge #2.

Results Big Brother 24 – Dyre Fest Week 7 Votes:

  • Turner votes for expulsion: Joseph
  • Alyssa votes for eviction: Joseph

In a vote of 2-0, Joseph has been evicted of the Big Brother house. He becomes judge #3.

The Houseguests will reunite and this should bring a lot of drama as the internal HGs confirm their fear that Joseph could be the target. Taylor will probably have the hardest time taking this and then Kyle will be a top target for the LOs. Kyle will definitely have to win the HOH here for his own safety (or maybe Alyssa will fall backwards in a win).

Results Big Brother 24 – Week 8 HOH:

  • Spoilers: Get ready to find out who won HOH this week…

I’m looking forward to the big drama ahead on the Feeds and you should definitely watch with us. Should be a good thrill.

After the show, we’ll head back to the Live Feeds to see the fallout over who won HOH and the start of the next rounds of planning for this week’s goal. Grab the free trial and join us there now!

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