Wild rumor claims Samsung’s Exynos 2300 has a special core for One UI optimization


It has been widely reported that Samsung has ditched the Exynos 2300 in favor of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for the Galaxy S23. However, there’s been no official word from Samsung or Qualcomm on the Snapdragon’s exclusivity. Some reports also claim that the Galaxy S23 will use a higher clocked version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Now more information about the Exynos 2300 has appeared.

According to an wild rumor from Twitter user @sto_denebkaitos, the Exynos 2300 has four high-performance CPU cores, four energy-efficient CPU cores, and a dedicated core that ensures One UI performance. That dedicated core could be a Cortex-M series-like unit that focuses on keeping the software running smoothly. Apparently, the Exynos 2300 scored 4,500 points in Geekbench’s multi-core CPU test.

Example (Opens in a new window)Another tipster claims @OreXda that Samsung created its dream team of engineers in 2020 to create a new processor from the ground up. This team was reportedly created while Exynos 2100 development was underway, and the first chip designed by that team could be launched in 2025. Samsung is reportedly teaming up with AMD and Google for this chip, and it could be the most stable and powerful chip ever used in a Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung could stick with AMD GPU for an internal chipset designed for the Galaxy S25

Rumors claim Samsung’s flagship chipset for the Galaxy S25 includes two Cortex-X5 CPU cores, two Cortex-A7xx CPU cores, four Cortex-A5xx CPU cores, and the eight-core RDNA3-based AMD GPU (four WGP or Workgroup processors) could have. It could have a dedicated One UI optimization unit, similar to the Exynos 2300, for a smooth UI. This chipset may or may not be branded as Exynos.

Coming back to the possibility of the Exynos 2300 being used in some Galaxy S23, the rumor mill claims it won’t happen. The chipset may not go into mass production at all and the Exynos team is reportedly trying to make the Exynos 2400 competitive with the Snapdragon chipset released for 2024 flagship phones.

This is all very fascinating to read, but you should take this information with a pound of salt. We’re still not sure what’s going to happen with flagship Exynos processors or whether Samsung is trying to make a big comeback with a groundbreaking chip for the Galaxy S25. As for the Galaxy S23, however, it looks like Samsung is going all in with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

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