WWE Raw Results (09/26) – Johnny Gargano And Kevin Owens Vs. Alpha Academy, Matt Riddle Vs. Damian Priest, Bianca Belair Vs. IYO SKY


SKY calls a referee and the bell rings. Belair delivers a drop kick.

Back from the break, SKY whips Belair into the corner. Belair slams SKY before tightening a waist lock. SKY escapes and Belair hits a snap mare. She brings several shoulders to SKY’s stomach followed by a back crusher. She goes for a pin, but SKY kicks out. Belair rains down a pair of right hands, but SKY turns the tide after bringing the double knees to Belair’s chin. She goes for a pin, but Belair kicks out. SKY does a somersault at sunset and then goes for a pin, but Belair kicks out. She pushes SKY to the mat before hitting ten right hands into the corner. She delivers a vicious forearm, then goes for a pin, but SKY kicks out. Belair searches for the KOD, but SKY makes his way out. She puts Belair in the ropes, then delivers a running knee that sends Belair into the ring post.

Back from the break, Belair delivers a side slam to SKY. She follows it up with a shoulder tackle, a clothesline, and a drop kick. Belair delivers a delayed vertical suplex, then goes for a pin but SKY kicks out. SKY steps onto Belair’s braid, followed by a kick to her stomach. Belair fires back with a bodyslam and moonsault, then goes for a pin, but SKY kicks out. SKY kicks Belair’s head, then hits a diving crossbody. Belair catches her and hits a Fallaway Slam. She goes for a pin, but SKY kicks out.

The two women rise to the top before SKY delivers an arm drag. She delivers the running double knees and then climbs to the top. Belair sends SKY to Damage CTRL and then crossbody hits them over it. SKY delivers a few open attacks, then tosses her back into the ring. SKY jumps back into the ring and Belair manages to hit the KOD for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

We then go backstage to Kevin Patrick and Rey Mysterio. Patrick asks Mysterio how he felt when Dominik asked him to hit him last week. Rey says there’s nothing better than holding a newborn and wanting what’s best for them. Rey says he will never fight Dominik until he asks what happened to the man he raised. He says Rhea Ripley is manipulating his heart, but he can’t let his focus affect him as he starts his match with Seth Rollins. He says Rollins wanted Riddle to do more than hit him with a steel chair before saying he would show no mercy to Rollins.

Back from the break we go backstage to The Miz and a group of guards. He says he recruited them and offers a $1 million reward, a cameo in an upcoming Marine film, and career advice if they can do what he hired them to do. He says he wanted stealthy guards and tells them they are “The Miz Force”. He sends them off to find “he who shall not be named.”

Back at ringside, Seth Rollins goes down.

Rollins welcomes fans on Monday Night Rollins before introducing himself. He says he should be in the ring as the new United States champion, but it’s not because of Matt Riddle. He says he had Lashley “dead to the rights” in the middle of the ring, but Riddle made sure to take his eyes off the ball and cost him. He says Riddle has been a thorn in his side, but they’ll finish at Extreme Rules in The Fight Pit. He says that while the world says he doesn’t stand a chance in The Fight Pit, he’s come to the conclusion that he’s Seth “Freakin” Rollins and it doesn’t matter what kind of match it is because he’s played in every match and won . He says he has the one thing Riddle will never have until he points to his brain. He says that while it may be his first time on The Fight Pit, Riddle will be laying flat on his back while the world sings his song. He addresses Riddle directly and says he will spank Rey Mysterio for being too cowardly to give his own son.

Rey Mysterio’s music catches on and he heads to the ring.

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