‘You can’t do your lunch break workout’


An Atlanta woman who, like many, has been working from home since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, has rejected the prospect of returning to the office because it will take time from household chores and self-care, including a lunchtime workout.

A TikTok user who goes by the handle @taylorrosee11 posted a video complaining that going back to the office will negatively impact her overall well-being.

“Wfh is crucial for my mental well-being and therefore for my productivity,” wrote the woman, who works in technical sales.

The TikTok video, which has gone viral since it was posted this weekend, shows her with a dejected facial expression.

“When you have to go to the office, which means you can’t do your lunch break workout, make your healthy lunch, do some laundry, expose all day and work in your sweat/snug socks,” reads the caption .

As of Wednesday afternoon, the video has been viewed more than 132,000 times and generated nearly 7,000 likes.

The TikTok user’s outcry joins a chorus of workers complaining about the return-to-office edicts as many private and public sectors push to bring their employees back full-time after Labor Day.

Employees have enjoyed the comfort provided by not having to go to the office.
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Wall Street investment giant Goldman Sachs plans to lift all COVID protocols as part of an overall plan to return employees to their workplaces five days a week, The Post first reported Tuesday. Morgan Stanley sent a memo to its employees with a similar message, according to Fox News.

Last week, public health officials in California reported hundreds of cases of COVID at Google offices in Los Angeles — prompting search engine employees to privately complain about the company’s three-day office mandate.

Apple employees unhappy with the return-to-office mandate launched an online petition citing the “exceptional work” of remote staffers.

The petition was circulated after the iPhone maker’s senior circles required employees to report to the office three days a week — instead of two.

According to a Gallup survey, 60% of employees who have become accustomed to doing work from the comfort of their own home said they would look for other opportunities if their bosses called them back to the office full-time.

Kastle Systems, the office security firm that collects data on the number of employees sneaking into corporate buildings, conducted a study that found office occupancy increased by 20% in the first four months of this year.

Working from home allows employees to do household chores during the workday.
Working from home allows employees to do household chores during the workday.
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The study, cited by The Washington Post, shows that although more workers are going back to the office, it still falls short of pre-pandemic levels.

In April, office occupancy was 44% compared to the period just before the spread of the coronavirus in the United States prompted lockdown measures.

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