Blue Jays takeaways from Teoscar Hernández trade


Every time a core player is shared, there is a surprise element, and that is exactly what Hernández has become in the past six seasons, growing from a talented but lacking young batter to a cornerstone of the Toronto line-up, who already Silver in 2020 Slugger Awards. and ’21. However, the Blue Jays must be more creative this low season, given their payroll administration, and this is the start of something bigger.

Looking ahead, the low season of the Blue Jays is now taking a completely different form.

1. Money matters: This transaction is only part 1
Hernández is expected to earn $ 14 million from arbitration this low season. That number is crucial for this trade, and it is also the reason why we can only evaluate it when the rest of the low season is over.

The Blue Jays will of course have to fill the gap in their outfield, ideally with a bat that brings more balance in their line-up, but that projected $ 14 million can also be spread over the bullpen and rotation. They were financially in a place where one big step – or maybe two mid -range movements – were logical. They now have a powerhouse, but whether they do not get enough or a sufficient one for this transaction depends on where this new money is spent.

2. Why Hernández and why now?
At the end of the 2023 season, Hernández would become free agent and there were no indications that the Blue Jays were willing to extend him against the number that he might earn in Free Agency. Hernández is not a perfect player, but if he came to the market at the age of 31, there would be teams who love how he fits into their setup.

No matter how uncomfortable it may be, this was the chance for the Blue Jays to continue from Hernández or Lourdes Gurriel Jr. And to turn to a more balanced outfield. The expected salary of Hernández for next season is more than $ 9 million higher than that of Gurriel. You can do mathematics.

3. Welcome to the Bullpenmarkt
This is what it costs to acquire elite lighters, or at least enlighteners with the potential to become an elite. Swanson, who is 29 and has a three -year team control, threw a 1.68 ERA last season and had 70 strikeouts with only 10 times four in 53 2/3 innings. By linking those songs alongside Jordan Romano at the back, the ceiling is finally raised of a Bullpen group that is deep but needs an upward force.

However, this is also a lesson for the Blue Jays. Robert Suarez again signed with De Padres for five years and $ 46 million. Rafael Montero signed a three -year -old deal of $ 34.5 million with the Astros. Edwin Díaz re-signed for a whopping $102 million over five years.

It has never been more important to develop illuminators. The Blue Jays make a number of very encouraging progress in the field of player development, which will become clear in the coming years, but in a perfect world Toronto would have found his own version of Swanson internally, instead of exchanging Hernández for him.

4. Rebranding of the outfield
Let’s go with “Rebrand” instead of rebuilding here. The Blue Jays will have George Springer and Gurriel as starters, and while Whit Merrifield can play the outfield and Nathan Lukes is on the Roster of 40 people, a move will clearly be made here. This is Toronto’s chance to balance the line-up with a left-handed bat, which has been discussed all year round.

Brandon Nimmo fits beautifully in this line-up under the free-agent options. Michael Conforto is another possibility, together with Michael Brantley or the Handelsmarkt, where the Blue Jays are still active.

5. What comes next?
A lot. The Blue Jays still have the same number of needs, they are now only in different places.

The pursuit of an outfielder will almost be at the top of the Toronto list, and although their need in the bullpen is considerably reduced with the addition of Swanson, the rotation is still a problem behind Alek Manoah, Kevin Gausman and José Berríos.

This is where the Blue Jays are likely to make a real splash. Whether it is about looking at the trade market or focusing on an experienced starter with a short -term deal, the Blue Jays acknowledge that they should increase the floor at the back of this rotation. Draft is also a priority, after it became almost a big problem last season, but Toronto’s top priority will be to bring in at least one – ideally two – legitimate MLB starters.

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