Democrat Frisch concedes to Republican Lauren Boebert in close US House race in Colorado



Democrat Adam Frisch announced in a live Facebook address that he would be GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert called and conceded in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District race.

While there will be an automatic recount by the secretary of state, Frisch said he has not called for a recount, does not expect the results to change and does not want any money raised for a purpose that is essentially fruitless.

As of Friday morning, with nearly all votes counted, Boebert Frisch leads by just 551 votes in what was considered a safe Republican district. In Colorado, any race decided by a margin of 0.5% or less of the votes earned by the top finisher is automatically recounted. The current margin of 551 votes is about 0.34% of Boebert’s 163,758 votes.

According to information published by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, all but one of the counties in the Western Slope District have completed reporting votes.

Under Colorado law, counties have until Nov. 29 to conduct a mitigation audit, which double-checks a small number of ballots against the votes recorded, and then until Nov. 30 to certify their final results.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has until Dec. 5 to confirm the election and order any mandatory recounts. Those recounts must be completed by December 13.

Boebert’s close race in a seat that became more Republican after redistribution — former President Donald Trump is said to have won it by 8 points in 2020 — has taken many political viewers by surprise. Frisch, a local businessman and former Aspen city councilman, turned the election into a referendum on the controversial tenure of Washington’s hard-line legislature. Throughout the race, his campaign revolved around a trailer called the “Beat Boebert Buggy”, and his own Twitter bio describes Frisch as a “Candidate to beat Lauren Boebert.”

Boebert suggested to CNN last week that a lack of voter enthusiasm for her party’s nominees for governor and U.S. Senate had caused her race to be much closer than expected.

She noted that Governor Jared Polis and Senator Michael Bennet, both Democrats, were skating for re-election.

“I think Polis and Bennet definitely carried the Democratic Party ticket,” she told CNN.

“I don’t know if there wasn’t enough enthusiasm for our top candidates for governor and senate or what happened there. But there was a lot of vote shifting there,” she said, before adding, “Of course I expect to win.

Boebert was a political newcomer in 2020, when she replaced Rep. upset Scott Tipton in a GOP primary. She found meaningful support in Colorado by positioning herself as a close Trump ally. However, her bombastic political style is controversial in Washington. Earlier this year, she screamed during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address when he talked about helping American veterans, and in 2021 her baseless suggestion that Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar was a terrorist, national headlines. Boebert later apologized to “everyone in the Muslim community I have offended”.

Boebert’s race is among a handful of House races not hosted by CNN as of Friday morning. Other uncalled races include several races in California and the race for Alaska’s At-Large District, which will likely be decided next week by the state’s new ranked pick system.

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