GOP projected to retake control of the House in key win after Democrats held Senate


Republicans are expected to retake control of the House in the midterm elections, breaking the Democrats’ unified control of the federal government, ABC News reports.

Despite other mid-term disappointments, that represents a major victory for the party that has been the minority of the chamber since 2019 — and will be a blow to President Joe Biden’s agenda in Congress.

The Democrats have already won control of the Senate, securing 50 seats with the possibility of winning another next month in Georgia’s runoff election between incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock and his Republican opponent, Herschel Walker.

But Republicans, who will take over the House in January, will now be able to block White House legislative priorities, decide which bills come to the chamber and have the ability to launch committee inquiries into the Biden administration.

Several House Republicans have already said they plan to investigate Hunter Biden, the president’s son, and the administration’s policies on COVID-19 and the southern border.

The leader of the GOP House, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, was nominated this week by his peers as the next speaker, the chamber’s top position and second in line for the presidency.

“I am proud to announce that the era of one-party Democratic rule in Washington is over,” McCarthy said after the party leadership vote on Tuesday.

In a tweet on Wednesday night, he wrote, “Americans are ready for a new direction and House Republicans are ready to deliver.”

Biden also released a statement on Wednesday that hinted at some Republican losses in the interim, but said: “I congratulate Leader McCarthy on the Republicans winning the majority in the House, and am ready to work with House Republicans to get results.” for working families.”

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy speaks as Rep. Kelly Armstrong, Rep. Troy Nehls, Rep. Jim Banks and House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Listening to Elise Stefanik at a press conference at the Capitol, June 9, 2022.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

McCarthy revealed his party’s view of Republican rule ahead of the midterm elections. Their “Commitment to America” plan focused on four main areas: creating an “economy that is strong,” “a nation that is secure,” “a future built on freedom,” and “a government that is accountable.” .

The pitch to voters largely avoided specific policies, focusing instead on criticism of and contrast to Biden’s leadership — particularly high inflation and fear around crime.

McCarthy also pledged to cut federal government spending and said Republicans are willing to seek greater congressional oversight of the billions in aid to Ukraine as the country defends against Russian invasion.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, Republicans had been in favor for months trying to regain control of the chamber. Midterms have traditionally been a referendum on the president’s party.

Only twice in the past 19 midterm cycles – nearly 40 years ago – has the president’s party actually won seats in the House.

But the expected “red wave” did not fully materialize as Democrats retained the Senate and cut their losses in the House. Exit polls showed that voters, including independents, favored the Democrats on key issues such as access to abortion, despite the public’s disapproval of economic conditions.

“We know our job won’t be easy,” McCarthy said Tuesday. “We know the job. We have a narrow majority. We will have to work together. We want to work with everyone who wants to make America stronger.”

Biden, meanwhile, celebrated averting historic headwinds after portraying the election as a choice between Democratic priorities and those of far-right “MAGA Republicans” rather than an assessment of his first two years as commander in chief.

“I am incredibly happy with the turnout,” Biden told reporters when Democrats were expected to win the Senate. “And I think it’s a reflection of the quality of our candidates.”

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