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Kevin Bacon at the 2019 Winter TCA Tour.

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If there’s one thing the MCU can often count on, it’s often one call back. The recently released Guardians of the Universe holiday special offers arguably the biggest callback of the entire venture by bringing in Kevin Bacon as himself. You may remember that Star Lord by Chris Pratt is deeply charmed by the Friday the 13th and Footless actor, and has made it known to his alien companions during the Guardians’ many appearances.

For Bacon himself, he said IGN that he really had no idea he was going to drop a name in 2014 Guards movie until he got a chance to see it. He called it a “very strange experience, but cool.” So when he was approached nearly a decade later with the opportunity to actually be in the MCU, he jumped at the chance. “I didn’t really read the script. I just said, ‘Oh yeah, that sounds great.’”

The Guards special was one of the first things Marvel was planning to make for Disney+, but you may not have known that. Between director James Gunns shoot (and hire again) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3his successor jump to direct current, and then the pandemic, it has taken time to get this project off the ground. Bacon acknowledged that it took “quite a few years” for the idea to be pitched to him, and when he first signed up he wasn’t entirely sure he would actually play himself.

It was after Gunn gave him the script and the actor learned he would also be singing that he became even more involved with the project. “Gunn referenced all the tunes, so I immediately made myself a playlist to feel the vibe of the whole thing and listen to it a lot,” said Bacon. The big musical highlight of the special is a rock ‘n’ roll song he sings with the MCU version of the Old 97’s, a sequence he called a joy to make. “I think it has a really nice combination of sweetness and sentimentality without having a corny take on Christmas. And it rocks, and I loved it.

Speaking of Gunn, Bacon described him as “a powerhouse… He just has a great voice and a good eye, and he’s super smart.” His experience with the director and the rest of the Guardians crew, he continued, was like an office Christmas party where “everyone had a good time, especially me.”

You can see Kevin Bacon in the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special on Disney+, or listen to the soundtrack on the music platform of your choice.

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